Friday 2 November 2012

Time Kurator-developed by KAAVAY is an efficient time keeper for any corporation or office where the employees use desktop PCs or Laptops for their daily work. The software is much cheaper than the expensive hardware devices which are used as attendance systems like the bio-metric devices etc. The main benefit of this software is to keep a check of the Physical as well as Mental Attendance of the employees.

The main features of this software are as follows.

Capture of Attendance during Start time & End time
A Pop up appears on the screen of each employee during the start as well as end time of his/her shift. Attendance at Start time helps the organization to record what time the employee has arrived for his/her shift and if he/she is late.

Attendance record with easy to analyze graphs
Graphs can be generated to interpret the attendance of the employees.

Random Attendance Check
RANDOM POP-UPS are generated on each of the employees systems to check the presence of the employees at any time of the shift.

Provision for Bio Breaks, Meeting Breaks, and Marketing Breaks.
Time Kurator has the provision for various types of Breaks that an employee can take. These breaks too are recorded and can be used for analysis.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
These reports can prove to be very handy for the organization to view and analyze the behavior of employees over a period of time.

Concluding this post we would like to say that THE RANDOM POP-UPS that are generated on the employees systems encourage them to be present at their desk at every time of the shift. Time Kurator will prove a boon to any organization, improving the efficiency of the people working, by keeping track of their attendance and most importantly generating valuable reports which could help the organization to reinforce employee behavior. According to your customized requirements, KAAVAY can offer you with the service of Software Development. We welcome any queries, suggestions or comments you have on this product. Do visit our website to know about the various services we provide. If you found this post interesting or would like to suggest this product to others, we’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on the Social networking sites. Thank you!